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Episode 10 · 4 months ago

Fempower Ep. 10 - Summer 2020 Recap

After a long hiatus, we're finally back! This episode is just a recap of the summer and a chance for us to get back in the swing of things. Here's the link to this week's playlist: 

Episode 9 · 8 months ago

Ep. 9 - Shows/Movies with Good Gender/LGBT Rep. w/ Raen Johnston

This week we're talking about our favorite movies and shows with good gender and/or LGBT representation with a very special guest, Raen Johnston.

Episode 8 · 8 months ago

Ep. 8 - Women in Music

In this episode, we discuss issues women face in the music industry, significant women in music history, and some of our favorite female artists!

Episode 7 · 8 months ago

Ep. 7 - Issues Women Face Today w/ Aiesha Elwakdy

Aiesha Elwakdy joins us to talk about the issues that women still face today!